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3 Easy tips for maintaining your gaming laptop

Laptop, Currently almost in every circle of people have a laptop. With a simple design and small enough to be carried around. The use qualified is what makes everyone always have it. Laptop gaming, who does not know it, this laptop has a special specification and usually always much higher than the normal laptop specifications. Well, even though gaming laptops have the specs spelled out “god” but if it does not keep up well, then it is no different from the ordinary laptop. So from that in this article, we will discuss how to care for gaming laptops to be old Length and no fatal damage. Aside from that, you can also check the reviews of the best 14 inch gaming laptops 2018.

Use the controller stick or an external keyboard

Although the keyboard on the gaming laptop is created with a “wow” endurance so it can be repressed many times, If you play games like PES, etc then it is recommended to use the controller sticks, but if you play games like PB, and DOTA 2, the external keyboard will be recommended. Although add cost to buy it, however, it can extend the life of the gaming laptop keyboard. In addition to preventing damage such as upset at the time of play, and accidentally hit the keyboard.

Adjust resolution while playing

This happens on gaming laptops with standard specifications and want to play games but with image quality such as top-class gaming laptops. It can make VGA performance becomes very heavy. If it continues to be forced, it can make the life of the VGA becomes short. Therefore, adjust the resolution and game settings to match your laptop specifications.

Use additional fans

When first playing the game would not be the hot laptop, but if used in a long time, then the laptop will release excessive heat. Well, it can make the performance of the laptop to be slow and make the components inside of it become quickly damaged. To overcome this then use an additional fan for the laptop to get more cold air.But in quality gaming laptop the “god” certainly will not feel worried to overcome the heat when playing games.