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Carpet from Natural Materials

Not only gives a different feel, the carpet has many positive benefits to support the activity inside the house. Among other things, make the house feel calmer because it can muffle the sound of footprints, reduce the risk of falling, make the feet feel warmer and certainly beautify the interior of the house. But with the carpet then you also need to routinely clean it every 6 months at / to keep it clean. Apart from that, here are some carpets of natural ingredients that you must have!

Carpet Leather
The organic material this one is certainly not familiar anymore, the quality and benefits provided carpet floor leather is no doubt. Soft texture and give a warm feeling make the skin floor carpet is widely used. Sheep and cow skin is the most widely used as leather floor carpet material.

Wool Carpet
For private home areas, silk and wool rugs may be best suited for living rooms or bedrooms. With quality and elegant appearance will make you more comfortable at home.