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Confused in Choosing a Static Bike? Let’s Know the Type!

Bicycles are one of the healthiest sports equipment and transportation and the most widely used by everyone in the world. Well if you’re one of those people who like cycling but bored by way of cycling that way then it would be better if you try a static bike from the best trainer for zwift that can allow you to connect with thousands of other cyclists with the help of virtual screens. Apart from that, there are many other types of static bikes. Here’s the review for you!

Division in terms of ballast weight or static bike load is divided into 2, namely magnetic bike and static Bicycle campus. Magnetic bike or Magnetic Bike is using magnetic ballast that can be set with round numbers. The higher the number means the heavier the stroke. This type of fitness bicycles does not use chains. For a static bike with a magnet type we should not use lubricants, just cleaned only from dust. While static bikes Canvas using wheels of iron or plastic spinning in the brakes with the canvas. Do not use numbers, only if the rotator to the right is heavier, the left becomes lighter. Occasionally we have to lubricate the chain.

In addition, when viewed from its function, the bike is statically divided into 3 namely sitting alone, standing alone or sitting up. This type of bike sits alone cannot be used with a stand. Usually, hands do not move, just stroke on the feet except Platinum bike model, Wind bike, and Air bike. This type of fitness bike stands just like Cross trainer bike without saddle and elliptical without a saddle. Well, the multifunctional type can sit and stand, the hands can move like orbitrack, elliptical 501 E, cross-trainer with saddle and many more.

And lastly, the use of a static bike is also divided into 2, namely Commercial use and Home use. Commercial use is used for fitness equipment rental, made with thick and sturdy iron, and able to bear loads greater than 110kg. The price is also much more expensive. While Home use is for home exercise with family, the price is relatively cheap and affordable.