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Considerations before Installing a Dental Veneer

The beauty of dental veneer is no doubt especially if you do Dental Veneer at a local dental clinic. But before him, here are some things that could be your consideration!

1. Oral Hygiene should be kept well
Oral hygiene or hygiene of the oral cavity of a person to be in the veneer must be maintained properly. By brushing your teeth properly, using dental floss, cleaning the tongue, also gargling antiseptic liquid, the level of plaque, tartar, halitosis (bad breath) and cavities will be low.

2. Teeth Geared
Before the Veneer coated, the outer layer of your teeth will be sharpened. Although only a little, this causes the teeth to be more sensitive and easier to ache. In this case, it means that your tooth lifetime should be covered with Veneer.

3. Carefully choose Food
To keep Veneer durable, users of dental veneers should be careful when choosing food. It will be better to not consuming hard foods especially those who use the front teeth to cut and chew it. If the patient is cooperative, dental Veneer can survive 10-15 years.