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Do I Need Help From a Therapist?

There is a misconception in society that only “crazy” people should go to a therapist. In fact, anyone can and should do consultation in order to maintain mental health. No need to be diagnosed with depression or have a mental disorder first go to a therapist. Think of it as a medical check to a doctor or immunize to be immune to illness. Remember, mental health is as important as your body’s health.

Notice how intense your reactions to problems arise. For example can not concentrate during college, work, or parenting. You can also often cry or get angry. Other symptoms that need to be observed are desperation, excessive anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite or just want to eat steadily, headaches and abdominal pain without a clear cause, and withdraw from those around you. Especially if this reaction has lasted more than two weeks. If this happens to you, you need to visit Tarzana Psychologist.