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Everything to Know Before You Go for Umrah

After visiting, you surely have the reasons to know more about Hajj and Umrah like:

The size of the Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque is a place used in umrah worship, its present size is three hundred sixty-five thousand square meters. By 2020, the size of the mosque is estimated to be 597250 square meters.

If you visit the Grand Mosque when it is a normal day, this area is capable of approximately 900 thousand people. However, during the day of the pilgrimage, the Grand Mosque can accommodate 2 million worshipers.


when present at the Grand Mosque then go inward, we will be able to see the big box building, Kaaba name. The Kaaba was first established by Prophet Adam. Later, Prophet Ibrahim rediscovered this building by Allah’s permission, then established it again with the Prophet Ishmael.

Currently, the Kaaba is made of marble and granite, the door has a golden color and is made of real gold weighing 280 kilograms. The cloth covering the Ka’bah is named kiswah, made from the finest silk whose calligraphy is embroidered with gold and silver threads weighing 150 kg.