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How Big the Benefits of Articles for SEO?

Why the title of the article reads How Big Benefits Articles for SEO because until now the article is the king of everything and SEO is just a compliment. Why is that? because if the posts or articles or posts that we make it provide benefits to visitors, then automatically the popularity of your blog will be good in the eyes of Search Engines, especially in Google. It would be even better if you use word spinner to get quality and unique article content.

Well so clear, that without SEO though then by itself your blog will get a place in Google search engine. SEO is just an optimization or commonly referred to as an optimization of existing blogs to get attention more quickly with all the techniques they have. But do not assume with SEO, and then your blog will be good in the eyes of Google because one day your blog can be down because of the treatment you play SEO is excessive.

Back to the beginning, blogging is a means of writing both offline and online about the information that is personal and public as well as global alias mix. So it is clear that by writing then our blog will get more attention from Google, but not writing that comes from copy paste. Rather it is a rewrite or so-called adaptation or quote from various sources.

I give examples of some sites or websites that provide enormous benefits for the bloggers of the world. Here are some of these sites:

1. Blogger
2. WordPress
3. Google
4. Yahoo
5. Hotmail
6. Google Mail (Gmail)

Well please do what you think to deserve to be presented or informed to other bloggers to increase your blog visitors and this applies to the blogger maniacs against visitors and maniacs become publisher PPC, because the bloggers are already dependent on it, that always hopes presence of visitors and who clicked on the ads that aired on the publisher of web/blog. There is nothing wrong because they are bloggers who are looking for income and no problem as well for those who are true bloggers as a writer. All back to each of these bloggers in doing blogging activities.