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Keep Your Diet For Type 2 Diabetes It Does not Appear

If Diabetes type 1 affects a young person, then type 2 diabetes can affect anyone who does not have a good and healthy diet. Diseases This type of diabetes is also common diabetes . There are about 90 percent of diabetics worldwide suffering from this disease.

Diabetes here is also caused by insensitivity experienced by the body to produce insulin or commonly known as insulin resistance. You who do not want to suffer from this disease should control a healthy diet and maintain blood glucose levels so that your blood sugar content is not too high and is above the normal rate.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not care about the diet they apply. It also causes people with this disease to be unaware that a type 2 diabetes is attacking their body. With conditions that feel healthy and not aware of the disease, in the long term, someone will still need treatment.