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About Mental Health What You Need to Know

For someone who is experiencing many problems, usually, their mental health will also be disrupted. This is because they feel that there is nothing in their life that runs perfectly. To overcome mental health, one of them is depression experienced by some people, present to help overcome the problem. With proper handling, then one’s mental health can easily be overcome.

There are several types of mental health that can be experienced by everyone. Some of these types are

– Stress
Stress is the state of a person who is under severe pressure, either emotionally or mentally. Those who experience this usually look nauseous, anxious and easily offended. Stress can also interfere with concentration, reduce motility and in certain cases trigger depression.

– Depression
Depression is a mood disorder that makes the sufferer feel constantly sad. This sadness usually lasts for several days, or even weeks or in a matter of months. In addition to affecting emotions and mental, depression also causes physical problems and behavior of sufferers.