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Tips for taking care and cleaning your curtains

When the window opens, the curtain will absorb the humidity as well as a place of outflow of air from outside or from inside the house. Vitrase which is generally a fine net becomes the place where small particles in the air are involved. The stretched curtain can also be a place where the airborne dust is attached when the room is cleaned. Therefore curtains need to be treated and cleaned regularly and remember that each type of curtain like the Roller Blinds requires the different way of cleaning.

Caring for Curtains

Although the curtains do not need to be washed too often, we need to do some maintenance steps at least once a week as follows:

Use a vacuum cleaner as a tool that can easily remove dust attached to both sides of the curtain (inside and outside). If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, can also use a soft bristle brush to ward off the inherent dust.

Start cleaning the curtains (curtains) from the top because the dust will fall down.

Clean every fold thoroughly, because in this part a lot of dust accumulates.

If using a damp cloth, make sure the dust on the curtain has disappeared, because if directly using a wet cloth, dust that sticks will dirty the curtains.

If there is a stain, clean it immediately with soapy water and a brush, then dry immediately by absorbing the wetness using a tissue / dry cloth.

Although this treatment has been done routinely, curtains (curtains) also need to be lowered for washing at least once a month. For vitrase can be washed more often, because vitrase is usually more often spread so it is easier to dirty.

Washing the Curtains (Curtains) and Vitrases can be done easily at home by:

Prepare a large bucket of warm water

Dissolve three handfuls of salt into the bucket

Soak the curtains in the solution for approximately one hour

Rinse the curtain with detergent as usual

Wash the curtains with detergent as usual

If necessary, use sufficient softener softener
Rinse thoroughly

Dry the drapes with enough juice to avoid damaging the folds of the curtains

Drying the curtains in a hanging state to keep it neat

When ironed, make sure to use the right temperature, as not all curtains are heat resistant.