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Tips for a watch maintenance

Currently, watches are one of the items that we must have because, in addition to functioning as a timepiece, no doubt watches become one of the accessories to complement the fashion of both men and women. Plus the increasing choice of various models of watches that can be tailored to our fashion from casual or formal. Similar to other accessories, watches are also important to be maintained in order to stay durable and also stay functional, especially the ones that often to be brought to the outdoors like the best watch for triathlon.

Keep watches in a dry place

The easiest way we can do to care for watches to stay durable is to store it in a dry place with normal temperature in the room. If you put a place that has a certain room temperature (air-conditioned room, the room is exposed to direct light), then the temperature will automatically affect your wristwatch. Keep your watch in a container, or a special watch box.

Clean the Watch with Wet Tissues

Clean your watch with a wet tissue, but not a tissue that is too wet let alone moistened with water. because if you just use a regular tissue, it will make a scratch on the glass of your watch. A wet tissue is good and does not make scratches is a wet tissue used to clean baby’s skin. Allow drying without dry tissue or dryer (dryer), because the hot wind that comes out will affect the components in your watch.

Clean the wrist strap

Do not forget also to clean your watch straps also, in addition to maintaining the quality, diligently cleaning the watch straps will make you avoid the skin irritation caused by bacteria – bacteria attached to your hands. But, watch straps should be cleaned in accordance with the material used.

Keep watches from the magnet area

What is the magnetic connection with the breaking of the watch? Many people do not understand and take it for granted. But we must know the magnetic field generated by electronic goods (generally) will affect the turning of your watch. So that when your watch does not show the clock or time correctly. Then never put a clock on an object that has a magnetic field.