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Types of Blinds

Blinds are one of the curtains with different shapes of the type of curtain in general. Blinds are also widely used for office buildings or homes. There are many choices of models of blinds that you can choose according to your needs. You can find it by visiting blinds singapore.

– Vertical Blinds are blind-shaped blinds that extend from top to bottom that serve as window shutters and also regulates the light that enters the room. Vertical blinds are usually made of fiberglass or polyester and are not easily curved or damaged if used for a long time.

– Venetian Blinds are the same type of blinds as vertical blinds. It’s just a different shape. Venetian blinds are horizontally shaped with a choice of types including Venetian blinds deluxe slatting, perforated slatting, and wood motive slatting.

– Wooden Blinds using wood or bamboo material. Although made of wood, but the color choices vary. By using wooden blinds you will get a traditional and natural atmosphere.